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Read an expert from The Great Australian Bite!


“Hang on! Let me rephrase that, it came out all wrong,” I said, when I saw one arrogant eyebrow fly up at my first, well-thought-out question.
“What I meant to ask was, who are you? Why am I naked? Where am I? Where are my clothes? What happened to me? And, did I ask, why am I in bed and totally and completely naked?” My voice rose an octave with that last one. A faint smile flittered across his handsome lips, then it was gone.
His deep voice rumbled. “Before we get into all that, let me ask a question of my own.” I felt a shiver go down my spine. Yep, he was all sex and I was conveniently naked.
I could just picture us rolling around on this big soft bed, doing all sorts of dirty, shameful, delicious things. Grabbing him by that tight black top, pulling him forward on top of me, running my hands down that strong firm stomach until I reached his…
Hold up girl. I mentally slapped myself.
“Sorry, you were saying?” I shook my head, storing those thoughts away to explore later. First things first. Back to who he is and why I’m here!
“I was just asking if you were hungry or had any strange urges?” His voice was as smooth as satin. Urges, he said. Yes, there was definitely an urge.
“What kind of urges?” I replied.
He stood up and approached the bed. I fell slightly as his weight descended on the edge of the bed. He turned to face me.
“Well, it’s not unusual for the newly converted to feel a strong need for sustenance,” said Mr. Sex-on-Wheels. He reached over and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.
Newly converted? What the hell was going on? Had I entered a parallel universe where all of a sudden really hot blokes, oozing sex, made moves on chubby women and offered them “sustenance,” whatever the heck that was? Maybe this is a dream? Maybe I am in a hospital fighting for my life in a coma and these are my inner desires coming out?
“What are you on?” I blurted with all my usual charm and grace. “Converted into what? I’m not into drugs if that’s what you’re offering!”
“No, I’m not offering drugs,” hot stuff replied. I think he was laughing at me. I frowned up at him and tried again.
“Look, I don’t have the foggiest idea what the hell is going on, so I’d really appreciate it if we could just cut the crap.” I sat up a little straighter and the sheet dropped slightly. I saw his eyes dart towards my chest, but luckily I was still covered. Was that…disappointment I felt?
“All right, I guess you can feed later. My name is Alec and you are in my home. My bedroom, to be precise.” He smiled, I tingled.
As he spoke, I looked around the bedroom. It wasn’t huge but big, with cream-coloured walls, scarcely adorned. There were large bay windows covered with thick maroon drapes and a huge fluffy woolen rug that covered most of the polished floorboards. A beautiful oak wardrobe sat to the side of the large door that must have connected this room to the enormous en suite, and a full-length gilded mirror stood in the corner, embellishing the room. The bed and a big armchair were the only other objects in the room. I guess he wasn’t much for possessions and clutter.
“You were attacked in an alley not far from here by a creature we call a ghoul. They like to call themselves Graugr.” He shifted slightly when saying this.
“They are zombie-like creatures who generally kill people by drinking all their blood, but they have also been known to rip people open then leave them there to bleed to death.” Alec said this so matter-of-factly, it was like he was talking about tile renovations. I looked at him, confused.
“Subtle as a sledgehammer, aren’t you? If they drink blood doesn’t that make them Vampires?” I asked.
“No, Vampires don’t kill people and even though they are Undead they retain their soul. These ghouls, or zombies, don’t. They are the real Undead.”
“So what you’re saying is that Vampires are good and zombies are evil?” I said this with the most sarcasm I could muster in my voice. He smiled at me and I nearly swooned.
“Well yes, in black and white.” Alec stood up and turned away, looking uncomfortable.
“This is crazy. Vampires don’t exist and if they do, they live in places like Transylvania, not Elsternwick, Australia. This is just some weird, nasty prank.”
Half turning back, he said, “When we found you, you were as good as dead, so we had no choice but to either convert you or let you die. So obviously we went with the former.” I sat there staring at him, letting what he had said sink in, when the enormity of what he had said hit me with the force of a full-speed freight train.


Scooping me up in his arms, Alec headed out of the parlor and up the stairs to his bedroom. Still holding me in his arms, he crossed the room to the bed and sat down, arranging me on his lap once more. I sat there watching as he leaned back and whipped his T-shirt over his head, exposing his large muscled chest. I loved the way Alec was built. All steel muscle and hard sinew.
I ran my palms over his chest, my fingertips tingling against his rough hair. Alec tucked a stray hair behind my ear, then leaned down and brushed his lips gently across mine.
“‘Tis time to feed, Little One,” Alec whispered, running his lips along my ear. I could feel his arousal pressed into my hip. Turning towards him, I placed my hands on his jaw and kissed him with all the passion I could muster. Opening my mouth, he deepened the kiss and I turned towards him more, straddling his legs between mine.
“You taste so good, I love kissing you,” I said, coming up for air.
“Then we better do it again,” he replied, dragging my head down for another toe-curling kiss. We sat there for what seemed like hours, feeding off each other’s kiss.
I pushed my crotch up against his arousal and felt him shiver in response. As his desire fed mine, it climbed to great heights. We shivered and groaned in each other’s arms.
His hand moved up to palm my breast, and my nipple hardened in response. I felt him touch my mind with his, asking for something I didn’t understand. His free hand reached up to my breast and I threw my head back, groaning. I had never felt like this before. Alec’s hands were so big and my breasts fit them perfectly as he fondled and squeezed them through my top.
“One of us has too much clothing on,” he said. I just groaned more. Alec didn’t bother with the buttons as he ripped open my shirt and threw it to the floor. My bra soon followed, then his large hands were back on my breasts and I was back to groaning. His hands were rough on my soft skin and he rasped his calluses over my tight nipples.
I grabbed onto his hair and planted another open-mouth kiss on him, as I once again grinded my hips into his. Juices leaked from my pussy. His hands moved from my breasts to my buttocks and he pulled me in as he thrust his hips out. Things were really getting heated, but I had no plans of stopping.
Curious to know what Alec was thinking, I probed his mind. Erotic images filled my head with me as the guest star and I knew I was on the right track. Alec was hot for me and when he realized I was in his mind, his arousal turned hotter, scorching in its intensity.
Scooting back on his lap, I reached down and unbuckled his belt. I put my hand on his zipper and felt him jump. I smiled slyly up at him as I undid his pants and his cock sprang out into my hands. I touched his throbbing, firm length in amazement and thanked my lucky stars he was big all over. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and then opened them back up. They were passion-filled and lust poured out of their depths.
“Jamie, sweetheart…we have to talk…I…oh, God,” he said. I scooted off his lap without relinquishing my prize and knelt between his legs. With one hand I removed his pants and then turned back to the task “at hand.”
Alec placed his big hand on my head and struggled to say, “Little One, you don’t… oh…understand. I have to…tell you…before we…”
Whatever he was going to say had to wait and he stopped trying once I put his hard flesh in my mouth and ran my tongue over his silky, mushroom-shaped tip. Alec made a noise deep in his chest that made my pussy quiver in response, so I took him deeper in my mouth. Running my tongue up and down his length as I went, I hollowed out my cheeks and started to bob my head up and down. I sucked hard and groaned, which caused my throat to vibrate along his great girth. His hand tightened in my hair and he pulled me up.
“That’s enough of that, sweetheart,” he sputtered. I soon found myself on my back on the bed. Alec whipped off my skirt and panties, then spread my thighs and sat back to look at me.
“Beautiful,” was all he said. My pussy clenched as he gazed at it and my juices leaked down towards my ass. Alec swiped his tongue through my valley. I couldn’t suppress the loud moan as he flicked his tongue across my clit. Alec sucked my small bud into his mouth and ran the flat of his tongue across it again and again. I didn’t know how much more I could take. I was so close, but I didn’t want to finish that way.
I held my arms out to him and he came to me willingly.
“I want to feel you inside me.” I breathed into his ear.

Friday, 25 April 2014

The Great Australian Bite - Available for pre-sale

When the Queen of the Vampires's evil twin sister Lillith hears about a country brimming with criminals, she rushes her minions there in hopes of one day conquering her sister’s throne.
Jamie Cavendish is a chubby chef who loves her food. When she is nearly killed by one of Lillith's foul-smelling ghouls, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by a vampire, nor does she expect to be turned into one herself.
Alec is tall, dark, and hot. He is also a vampire. Sent to Australia by the queen to stop Lillith, he has enough on his plate. Now he has Jamie to look after and she just won't stay put.
Can Jamie overcome her new bloodsucking situation in life? And can she help Alec in his quest to stop the Lillith from creating her army? Or will Australia be taken over by Lillith and her foul-smelling ghouls?

Anzac Day!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Fire Me Up! [Merricks, Montana 2] - Released Today!!!
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, public exhibition, spanking, paddling, sex toys, HEA]

Kate Jenkins is a curvy, sassy schoolteacher who has always wanted a man who will dominate her in the bedroom, but be her equal as well. She heads to Merricks, Montana, to visit her sister, who has fallen in love with not one but two men. Whilst she doesn’t begrudge her sister's lifestyle choice, it isn’t for her.

Grayson, Pierson, and Brock Carter own and run a security firm. When not working with his brothers Pierson is a dedicated fireman. They moved to Merricks with the intention of finding a wife to love, share, and dominate. They never expected that woman to be a fiery full-bodied woman who wants nothing to do with them.

With an arsonist on the loose and a drug cartel boss looking for revenge, the men must do everything they can to protect Kate, whilst convincing her that they are the men for her.


As soon as she was able to slip away from the watchful eye of her sister, she made her way toward the barn and away from the crowd. She would hide behind it for a while and watch the horses.
She rounded the corner and came to a stop. There stood a tall man in a faded pair of Wranglers and black shirt. His back rested against the wooden slats of the barn, and he had one leg raised and resting on the wall behind him.
Kate froze when he looked over at her. Neither of them said anything. They just continued to stare at each other. The man was tall, well over six feet, and had short-cut, dark-brown, almost-black hair. She thought that he looked military, or maybe a cop.
His dark, deep-brown eyes stared back at her, and she felt herself blush. He noticed her discomfort, too. The corner of his sculpted lips quirked up. Damn, he was good-looking. He had muscles, but he wasn’t solid like Blake. More like a runner, sleek and powerful. He had the look of a predator, ready to strike at any moment.
Kate felt her pussy tighten and her juices flow. Her body was ready to accept him, and they hadn’t even spoken a word yet. Amusement filled his eyes, and they crinkled at the corners. Kate sucked in a breath. This man was deadly. She was getting hot. She would be a puddle at his handsome feet if she didn’t back away soon. She just stood there with her mouth gaping open and flapping like a fish.
“What’s your name, darling?” he asked.
“Um…?” She was making a fool of herself, but couldn’t think straight with him looking at her with those sexy chocolate eyes.
“You forgot your name? How about I call you Candy?”
Kate’s thoughts came back to her in a rush. Her back went straight and she pulled a face.
“No!” she snapped. “You make me sound like a hooker.”
“How about Kitten, then?” he asked.
He smiled and sauntered over. The man actually sauntered.
“Sugar plum?”
“Now you’re just being ridiculous.” Kate smiled and took a step back. Geez the man was tall.
“Well then, tell me your name.”
Kate shivered at his deep voice.
“Kate. My name is Kate. And yours is?” Kate held out her hand for him to shake. The moment his hand touched hers, a spark flew between them and shot straight to her girl parts.
“Grayson Carter, baby. But you can call me yours.” He lifted her hand and kissed the back. Kate felt it all the way through her body and down to her toes. She forgot to breathe for a few seconds and had to suck in a large breath.
“That would have to be some of the cheesiest shit I have ever heard.” Kate pulled her hand back and smirked at Grayson. “Do you say that crap to all the girls?”
“No,” he said. “Only the beautiful ones like you.” Kate couldn’t hold back the snort.
“Are you drunk?” she asked. Grayson let out an almighty laugh. It was deep, and his whole body shook with his merriment. Kate really didn’t think her question was that funny. It was legitimate. Nobody had called her beautiful, ever. Cute or adorable once or twice, but never beautiful. He had to be on something.
“I like you, Kate,” he said, chuckling. “You have made my afternoon.”
“Glad I could oblige.” Kate was disgruntled. He was making fun of her, and she didn’t like it. “Look, mister. It’s mean to call someone something they’re not and then laugh at them. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?”
Grayson sobered quickly and looked down at her.
“Baby, my mother has nothing to do with this. She taught me the best of manners. I’ll excuse your slight because you don’t know me. When you do, you’ll see that when I say something I mean it.”
His voice had gone dark and serious. It made Kate shiver.
“I said you are beautiful and I meant it. If you were my woman, I’d spank you for putting yourself down, and for your little potty mouth. I might just do it anyway.”
Kate shivered again. She’d like to be spanked by this man, but she would never let him know about it.
“You wouldn’t dare,” she said, her eyes narrowing.
“Don’t challenge a Dom, baby. You won’t like the consequences.”
“I’m not some little submissive with no brain. That needs big bad you to take care of me.”
Grayson smiled at her again. Why was she fighting with this man? How had the situation gone out of control so quickly? She needed to stop. She knew what it meant to rile up a Dom. She’d read the books. He just seemed to get under her skin. She wanted to jump his bones and punch him in the gut all at the same time.
“Oh, you are submissive. That I can tell.”
Oh, how she wanted to wipe the smug look from his face. “Are you saying that your sister is brainless then? She is Blake and James’s sub.”
“No!” she quickly replied. “I would never think that about my sister. You are just trying to change the subject.”
“No,” he said. “I’m trying to prove a point. A sub isn’t a doormat, Kate. As for you needing me to take care of you, I think I might be up to the challenge.”
Kate wanted to stomp her foot. She was getting nowhere. She didn’t really know why the words were coming from her mouth. He sent her brain into jumbles. Usually she was more reserved than this. She was smart and intellectual, but he made her say things. Things she didn’t really think or feel. She knew about D/s relationships, and she knew about Sarah and her men. She didn’t think any of that. She was just trying to take a dig at him, but it was only making her look stupid.
“I’m leaving,” Kate snapped. “You’re maddening. I’m not continuing this discussion.”


Grayson pulled the blanket tighter around the bundle in his arms and continued to place sweet gentle kisses on top of her head. She had taken her punishment well, better than he ever could have expected. If he was on the right track, he could almost say that it wasn’t a punishment at all and she had enjoyed it.
She had let her mind go and slipped into what was referred to as subspace. His chest puffed with pride that she would trust them enough to put herself in such a vulnerable position. Grayson made a promise to himself then and there. He would do everything in his power to never break the precious trust she had given them.
Kate wiggled on his lap and rubbed against his painfully hard erection. He had been that way since the first moment she had hesitantly walked into the bedroom. She was glorious in her nakedness, her breasts big and full, her hard pink nipples jutting from the cold and her arousal.
She had a soft, round tummy and an ass he not only wanted to spank, but grab, bite, kiss, and worship. But most of all he wanted to sink his cock balls deep and drive into her puckered opening until she screamed his name.
Kate started to stir in his arms, rubbing her legs together and moaning softly. Brock had gone to fetch her a glass of water, and Pierson sat on a chair in the corner of the room. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her, and Grayson noticed the satisfied smile that graced his face. They were taken every bit as much as he was, and tonight had proven to them that she was more than worth the effort it would take to make her theirs permanently.
“Shh, love,” Grayson told her. “I’ll make it all better in a minute.”
He stood with her still cradled in his arms and gently laid her in the middle of the bed. The pillows had been removed, and he quickly stripped her of the blanket. Grayson climbed on the bed and gently parted her legs, exposing her wet pink pussy to his gaze. Crawling between her legs, he made himself comfortable as he examined his prize.
Kate looked down her body at him and tried to close her legs. His large shoulders prevented her from closing him out and she only put up a token resistance when he moved her thighs wide once more.
“You have a perfect pussy, love. I can’t wait to taste it,” he said.
“Stop, don’t look at it. It’s embarrassing,” she stammered. “You’re too close.”
She moved her hands down to cover herself, but was stopped when Brock grabbed her wrists and placed them above her head. Brock moved onto the bed beside her and took a nipple in his mouth, causing Kate to suck in a breath and moan. Whilst she was distracted he went back to looking at her delectable cunt.
Her little pearl was poking out of its hood, begging for attention, and Grayson didn’t wait any longer and swiped his tongue across the little nub. Kate moaned louder and arched her hips up toward him. Delighted with her response, he did again and was rewarded with another moan.
“You have to taste her, brothers,” he said. “She is sweet and spicy and delicious.”
Grayson stopped his teasing and went to work licking and sucking at her pussy, tasting her slightly musky flavor on his tongue. He watched as Pierson joined them on the bed naked as the day he was born and took her other nipple in his mouth. Brock still held her wrist captive above her head, and she tried to free herself as they worked her body like a finely tuned instrument.
Grayson slipped a long finger into her channel as he continued to flick her clitoris with his tongue. Her pussy was tight, and his dick throbbed behind his jeans, demanding to be released. She would be a snug fit, so Grayson added another finger to stretch and prepare her for their cocks.
Grayson and his brothers weren’t planning on taking things this far tonight, but feisty little Kate had challenged their inner Doms and practically demanded that they do something about it. He loved her spirit and her feisty attitude, and he would be more than happy to correct her on it when the need arose.
He knew she was going to be just as wild in bed, if now was any indication, and he couldn’t wait to sink into her welcoming heat as she thrashed around below him. He would tie her down if she got to out of control. She needed to know who was boss, but he still liked that she wasn’t too docile when it came to sex.

The Magic Of You! [Mystical Realms 1]
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]

Jessica Whittemore loves anything magic. She is unlucky in love and lives alone with her black house cat, Merlin. When she goes on a holiday with the tour company "Magical England," she never expects to end up in another realm.

King Baen Caladh and Lord Carr Domhnull of Marak have been lovers for years and are waiting for the perfect woman to complete them and be their Queen. When Jessica saves Baen’s sister from certain death, they ride in and whisk her back to their castle. Both men are smitten with her from the start and set out to convince her she belongs in Marak, despite the obstacles she throws up against them.
But an enemy is lurking, bent on conquering the realm. Jessica’s men will do anything to protect her, but this headstrong woman is more than capable of protecting herself. Will Jessica and her warriors find the happiness they seek? Or will they be too late?

Foul Play [Merricks, Montana]
Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, spanking, paddling, sex toys, HEA]

Merricks is a small town in Montana, filled with big beautiful women and the men that love them.
Sarah Harding is a shy, curvy librarian, who has always had trouble in the love department. Submissive at heart, she longs for a dominant man to sweep her off her bookish feet. Forced into hiding after seeing her best friend murdered, she never expected to find two hot men willing to fill that role.
US Marshall Blake Hammond and his brother, James, who runs the family ranch, have been hiding witnesses for years. Both feel an instant connection to Sarah that neither can ignore. They are Doms and are more than willing to show Sarah what it means to be under the protection of two men from Merricks.
Can she overcome her shyness and give her heart a chance or will the killer hot on her tail catch up to her?