Friday, 25 April 2014

The Great Australian Bite - Available for pre-sale

When the Queen of the Vampires's evil twin sister Lillith hears about a country brimming with criminals, she rushes her minions there in hopes of one day conquering her sister’s throne.
Jamie Cavendish is a chubby chef who loves her food. When she is nearly killed by one of Lillith's foul-smelling ghouls, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by a vampire, nor does she expect to be turned into one herself.
Alec is tall, dark, and hot. He is also a vampire. Sent to Australia by the queen to stop Lillith, he has enough on his plate. Now he has Jamie to look after and she just won't stay put.
Can Jamie overcome her new bloodsucking situation in life? And can she help Alec in his quest to stop the Lillith from creating her army? Or will Australia be taken over by Lillith and her foul-smelling ghouls?


  1. This sounds really interesting. Yummy, sexy vampire. Sassy girl who won't stay put. Maybe an eternal happy ending? My kind of book. Definitely on my To Be Read list.

  2. WOW....I needed to fan myself after reading that!!!! Just the way I like my Vamps...all sexy and yummilicious!!!! Guess I now have a news Aussie author to read.