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PASSION’S MAGIC By Julie Shelton

Molly Duncan, forty-one, has come to Passion Lake for three things. A new job. A new life. And a new Dom. Her Dom husband has been dead for four years and she desperately wants the closeness of a loving D/s relationship. So she accepts a job at the Passion Lake library and buys an old semi-run-down farm suitable for boarding horses. Horses were a huge part of her life growing up, until she met and married Tom and entered his world of BDSM. Now she hopes to combine both of her passions.
Enter Jared Thompkins, seven-time World All-Around Rodeo Champion and circuit heart-throb. His career ended by injury at age twenty-eight, he’s ready to settle down and find a submissive of his own. A woman he can love and cherish and dominate the hell out of. On the recommendation of his older brother Mitch, he applies for the position of stable manager.
Molly sees a handsome, cocky, young cowboy with a swagger for a walk and a panty-melting grin. Jared sees a lusty, voluptuous, mature blond who’s ready for what he can give her.
The attraction between them is instantaneous and explosive. Each is exactly what the other has been seeking. Now all Jared has to do is prove to a wary Molly that it’s not just sex. He’s in it for the long haul. And a thirteen-year age difference is not the insurmountable obstacle she seems to think it is.
Until something happens that could destroy everything.

Although there was no noise, no movement, no indication of any kind that someone had entered the room, something made her turn her head. She froze at the sight of Jared standing there, arms folded across his chest, one shoulder leaning against the door frame, his right ankle crossed over his left. He pinioned her with his gaze, dark and glittering with some deep emotion. The breath drained from her lungs as she stood there, unable to move or think. Her belly clenched, spilling hot cream out onto the crotch of her panties. He straightened and started to walk toward her, slowly, deliberately, a wicked gleam in his eye.
Her hand lifted to her throat as he approached, not stopping until he was less than a foot away. His left hand lifted to graze the side of her face. Spearing his fingers through her hair, he curved them around the back of her head, holding her in place. His gaze roamed over her face, looking at her as if he were looking at something wondrous.
“Beautiful,” he murmured, the deep rumbling of his voice creating a heaviness between her legs. He brushed his thumb across the curve of her cheek. “So fuckin’ beautiful.” His fingers twisted in her hair, tugging at her scalp, tilting her face up toward his. “I told you I’d wait for you, Molly. But I can’t wait. I want you so goddamn bad I can’t stand it anymore. I want your body. I want you mind. I want your total submission. My need for you is eatin’ me up inside. So I’m doin’ something about it right now. I’m gonna watch as you take off your clothes. Then I’m gonna worship your gorgeous body with my tongue and lips. Then I am gonna claim you. I’m gonna fuck you until you know you belong to me. After that I’m gonna make love to you until neither of us knows where one ends and the other begins. You’re mine, Molly. And before I’m done tonight, you’re gonna know it beyond the shadow of any doubt.” Releasing her hair, he stepped back and ran his slow, hot gaze down her body, stopping at the junction between her thighs, making her belly plummet as a blush rose in her cheeks.
“That’s a very pretty outfit you’re wearin’,” he said, his normal, slow drawl even slower and definitely sexier. “But it’ll look much prettier on the floor. That’s where I would like to see it. Start with the sweater.”
“Yes, Sir.” She should have been shocked to hear those words tumbling so automatically from her lips. But she wasn’t. They seemed so right. Because Jared wasn’t the only one who needed this. Her mind’s need to submit to him was almost overwhelming, like a thirst that could not be quenched. Her body’s constant, aching need for the exquisite pleasure she knew he was about to give her was almost beyond bearing.
Grabbing the hem of her cashmere sweater, she lifted it up over her head and let it fall to the floor, leaving her clad in nothing but a pink lace bra. Her dusky nipples, hard as berries, were clearly visible through the peek-a-boo lace.
“Now the jeans and socks.”
She reached for the snap, pulling it apart with a tiny, metallic click, followed by the quiet rasp of the zipper being lowered. Putting her thumbs inside the waistband, she began pushing the jeans over her hips and down her legs, stepping out of them and dropping them on top of the sweater. She removed her socks and stood there in her pink lace bra and bikini panty set. At least she was wearing pretty underwear.
“Good girl. Beautifully done. Bra next.”
Without hesitation, she reached back behind her and released the hooks. Cupping her hands beneath her breasts, she held the cups in place while allowing the straps to fall down her arms. Leaning forward, she jiggled her breasts back and forth, letting gravity take over. The lace garment fell into her hands and she let it drop to her feet. Straightening, she stood, hands at her sides, fingers twitching as she fought the urge to cover her naked breasts. Jared was the first man other than Tom who had ever seen her naked, and if the two Doms were anything alike, she knew that covering herself in his presence would not be allowed and would most likely result in a punishment. Although, the very thought of being turned over his very sexy knees and spanked until her bottom was hot and rosy sent juice gushing from her pussy. Hmmm. Maybe a spanking wouldn’t be so bad after all.
Jared extended his right hand toward her. She gasped at the first touch of his calloused fingertips to the soft underside of her left breast.
He frowned. “Am I hurtin’ you?”
“No sir.” She shook her head. “It feels”…her voice softened to a whisper…“wonderful.”
His fingers closed around her hard nipple and began plucking it over and over until it was even harder and more extended. She closed her eyes and arched her back, pushing her breasts more deeply into his hands. Her breathing came in harsh little gasps and tiny mewls of pleasure as he turned his attention to her right breast, then both breasts, alternating between one at a time and both together. Electricity arced through her, sending pleasure jolting straight to her clit, zapping it with stinging pleasure. Her little mewls of pleasure had become one long, low moan. She was trembling all over.
“You like that, don’t you, sweetheart?”
“Y-yes, Sir.”
“It’s been a long time for you, hasn’t it?”
She suppressed a sob. “Yes, Sir.” Her head lolled back as she pushed herself forward even more, longing for him to take one of her aching peaks into his mouth and suckle her.
“Can you come from nipple stimulation alone?”
“I-I don’t know. I never have before,” she replied honestly between hissing intakes of breath. “But tonight…” She paused. “If you keep that up, I think I could.”
“That is something we will explore further.” He stepped back, removing his hands from her breasts, a move that left her hanging, her body clamoring for more. God damn it. Doms could be so annoying.
“Take off your panties and hand them to me.”
Bending forward, she shucked them down her legs and stepped out of them. Red-faced with embarrassment because the crotch was so wet it was nearly dripping, she let them dangle from her fingertips, slowly extending her hand toward him.
She watched, mouth agape, as he took them from her and lifted the crotch to his nose, inhaling deeply. Holy fuck! She’d never heard of anyone doing that! Tom had never really cared for the way she smelled when she was aroused. He’d always made her shower and douche before initiating a scene, substituting lube for her natural moisture. As if equating the scent of natural feminine arousal to being dirty.
“Christ, these are wet.” He took another deep sniff. “And they smell so fuckin’ good. I could drink this instead of champagne.” So saying, he poked the crotch into his mouth with his fingertip and sucked on it, the sheer, raw carnality of the gesture making Molly gasp. Oh, my fucking God!
With a beatific expression on his face, he removed his panty-covered finger from his mouth. Molly watched, fascinated, as he proceeded to fold the lacy garment so that the crotch formed the outside surface of the little square of fabric he wound up with. Meeting her gaze, he gave her a wicked grin. “Open up, little sub and stick out your tongue.”

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From fairies in the garden to handcuffs in the boudoir, Julie’s writing has run the gamut. In between she managed to graduate cum laude with a B.A. in French from Georgia State University followed by a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Emory University. Having thus procured these two necessary but ultimately irrelevant pieces of paper, she launched a successful career as a children’s librarian, followed by an even more successful career as a professional storyteller and puppeteer. She published Kidstuff, an award-winning, monthly newsletter, as well as Puppets, Poems and Songs, both major language arts resource for early childhood educators.
At various points in her life, if asked what she would like to be, her answer would have been (in rough chronological order, since some of these lofty ambitions overlapped): a fairy, a princess, a ballerina, Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, a paleontologist, Scarlett O’Hara, thin and beautiful, an actress, and a writer. Now, at age 73, her answer to that question would most likely be, “younger”.
Followed closely, of course by a writer. Oh, and a princess. Some dreams die hard.
Now retired, Julie lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

Q. What were some early influences on your writing?
Nancy Drew and Mad magazine.

Q. Where do your ideas come from?
Everything I’ve ever seen, read, heard or done. I wrote an entire medieval romance just from seeing a blue gown worn by a minor female character in the movie Becket. The entire novel just sprang into my mind fully-blown. I could hardly write it down fast enough. I wrote it on 3 x 5 index cards, since I was in college doing research and that was all I had to write on, one sentence per card. They took up an entire shoebox. After carrying that shoebox around for forty years, that novel eventually became Dark Warrior.

Q. Do you feel humor is important in romantic fiction?
I feel that humor is important in everything! I can’t imagine how dreary life would be without it.

Q. Are sex scenes easy or difficult to write?
Easy in that I know where all the parts go. Difficult in finding exciting and interesting new ways to describe how the parts get there and what happens as a result. Otherwise what you get is a medical treatise. After all, there are only a finite number of words in the English language suitable for describing an orgasm. And they’ve all been used ad nauseum.

Q. Name three things that inspire you?
Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, the Smoky Mountains, the full-length ballet Romeo & Juliet, and medieval illuminated manuscripts. Okay, that’s four things.

Q. Dogs or cats?

Q. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Q. Coke or Pepsi?
Coke. Definitely Coke.

Q. Coffee or tea?
Coke. Definitely Coke.

Q. Leather or Lace?
Lace. And Velvet. And silk. Oh, and satin. Yeah, satin…with lace…Mmmm.
Q. Guilty Pleasure?
Edwards® Hershey’s Chocolate Crème Pie. OMG! You know how most people cut their pies into six pieces? I cut this one into…two.

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They are a group of former SEAL teammates who get together and buy the derelict, bankrupt town of Porterfield, Virginia, along with thirteen square miles of surrounding land, and turn it into the thriving tourist destination of Passion Lake, Virginia. Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the town boasts not only the large, deep-water lake from which it derives its name, but also farmland, grazing land, a couple of creeks, scenic trails, and a World War I era airfield. The amenities offered include a lodge with cabins, camping, boating, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, a main street featuring both quirky and elegant little shops, and excellent restaurants. Passion Lake is around 30 miles down the road from Marshall’s Creek, where Jesse Colter, Adam Sinclair, and Sarah Marshall, the heroes and heroine of my first three erotic romances, Loving Sarah, Owning Sarah, and Keeping Sarah live.
Many of the Doms of Passion Lake were minor characters in those three books about Jesse, Adam, and Sarah. Along with many of my readers, I felt they deserved books of their own. So, if you’re curious about what happened to Clay “Raven” Nighthorse, Nik “Iceman” Rostov, Jay “Dizzy” Gillespie, Ted “Solo” Solomon and all the other hot hunky former SEALs, you’ll find out in this new series, The Doms of Passion Lake.

WARNING: These books contain material that could cause spontaneous combustion of both panties and electronic devices. Read at your own risk. You might (okay, honestly? There is no “might” about it—you WILL) need a bucket of ice water and an industrial fan to survive the reading experience. You have been warned.
Virginia is for lovers. Passion Lake is for…kinky lovers. Welcome to Passion Lake, a town owned and operated by a group of ex-Navy SEALs. A town where they are free to live their kinky lifestyles without fear of interference or censure.

Passion’s Magic is the fifth book in the series The Doms of Passion Lake. Each book is a stand-alone read, however, since time does pass from book to book and the characters weave in and out of each other’s books, you might enjoy reading them in order. The first book in the series is Passion’s Dream.

When Clay “Raven” Nighthorse is offered a job as bodyguard to a woman being stalked by her vengeful ex, he’s ready to turn it down. Until he discovers that she is the woman he met on a beach three years ago. The woman with whom he felt an instant connection. The woman who has been haunting his dreams ever since.
Leah Stanhope has never forgotten the day she found her husband in bed with another woman. Nor has she forgotten the kindness and compassion of the complete stranger who’d simply held her in his arms and let her cry herself out on a public beach. She despairs of ever seeing him again until fate brings them together in a conflagration of desire and smoking hot passion. Can Clay convince Leah to risk her heart? And when her stalker finds her, will Clay be able to stop him in time?

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When Simon Rafferty finds Kylie Ferrell sleeping in her broken-down car by the side of the road near Passion Lake, Virginia, the connection between them is instantaneous and combustible. He recognizes her as the woman he and his two brothers have been searching for all their lives. Their lifetime submissive. And the fact that she’s homeless, injured, and targeted by the mob? Minor details.
Identical triplets and former spec ops soldiers, Caleb, Simon, and Ash Rafferty are more than capable of handling anything life throws at them. Including a sweet, sexy, lusciously curvy woman who has sworn off all men and who is clueless about the darkness of their needs and desires. Clueless…but intrigued. These dominant alpha males will do whatever it takes to get her into their bed, their hearts, their lives…and their dungeon.
But Kylie has secrets that put them all in deadly danger. And when that danger catches up with her, Caleb, Simon, and Ash must launch a desperate search to find her before she is ripped from them forever.

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On the run from an abusive Dom, Charlotte Fielding has sworn off men and the BDSM lifestyle. She’s only attending this particular Open House for the free food. But when her abuser, who also happens to be at the club, confronts her, former SEALs Nikolai Rostov and Jay Gillespie come to her rescue and offer to help. But that would require her to trust the two hunkiest Doms she’s ever met. And Charlotte’s all out of trust.
But fate has brought these three people together—Nik, the big Russian Daddy Dom, Jay, the switch, and Charlie, the submissive who needs what both of these men have to offer. Just as they need what she has to offer. Can she learn to trust them? Can she risk her heart? And when danger comes for her will she stay and let Nik and Jay risk their lives to keep her safe? Or will she run—and risk destroying the only happiness she’s ever known?

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Former SEAL Dr. Lucas McKay and his brother Alex, former FBI agent, have been looking for their lifetime submissive. And they may just have found her in the new Director of the Passion Lake Library. She’s sweet. She’s curvy. She’s adventurous. She’s a green-eyed, freckle-faced redhead with the world’s sexiest glasses. And she’s chock full of secrets. Not the least of which is the fact that she writes steamy BDSM romances in her spare time. She’s also a virgin who has never done any of the kinky stuff she writes about.
When they discover this, they offer to act as her temporary Doms, giving her lots of first-hand experiences designed to enrich her writing and make her D/s scenes more authentic and emotional. Since she’s as attracted to them as they are to her, she leaps at the chance. Unfortunately, Lily has another, even deadlier secret. One with the potential to destroy not only her but the two men she’s grown to love. Will death triumph? Or will love?

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Loving Sarah
Owning Sarah
Keeping Sarah
Dark Warrior


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